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Internet Puppy Sales: We do not sell puppies electronically!   We are very selective in placing our puppies and precious adults into what we believe are loving forever homes with people we trust. This is not a volume business for us and we are extremely picky.  We mostly place puppies with friends and by referral only.

We cannot form a sufficient friendship through email!!!  We are very adamant about this rule. No sales made through email.  We require 2 things from every applicant; first…a relationship established in person or telephone, and the “Getting to Know You” form found on the Terms of Engagement page before we can even consider adopting out one of our little star babies .
Check out the details of the Lifetime Return Policy we provide with all our Shih Tzu
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Show Tyme Shih Tzu, in-home breeder of excellent quality AKC Shih Tzu. Our mission is healthy, beautiful, well socialized babies, placed in loving “forever” homes; continually improving the qualities we favor in our dedication to the breed.

All puppies are cute…Show Tyme babies stay that way.  Our puppies grow into stunning adults. We love great faces with big, expressive eyes (keeping eye white minimal), perfect bites and teeth, well proportioned and solid structure,  gorgeous coats…healthy and fabulous in every way! Additionally, we focus on keeping full grown sizes close to the smallest end of standard so they are truly lil’ lap dogs and easy to carry around.   

Our home is Vet and State Inspected and State licensed as a retail breeder. We are proud of our health protocol as our goal is to provide incomparable health care, nutrition, and vaccines to all puppies we produce. 

Our STAR babies receive much love and attention until we select their forever home. Our puppies are born and raised in our family room and played with every day! All of our adults are our pets and part of our family.

Click here to see the babies in Show Tyme's Nursery
We deliver! 
It’s convenient for us to deliver to most cities in the Heartland:  Wichita, Kansas City, Tulsa, Oklahoma City and to Chicago’s western suburbs; we are often in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as well.
Ask us about providing personal delivery to you anywhere in continental USA! 

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Introducing...Ambrosia's "Godiva" Brings Harmony

Produced at Show Tyme By Marley (aka Harmony) & Oh Henry!
She's staying here!