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Lil' Red Pepper "Sprout"
Sprout is now living as a pampered pet companion with Mark & Val in Estes Park, Colorado!
Sprout sired Ruby and we can't wait to see her first puppies in 2014!  
My Mother has a girl sired by him in Chicago, Roxie.
Lil’ Beignet "Bosco"
Teacup Imperial from a long line of Tiny Toi teacups and imperials developed over 20 years!  Mostly retired he has his FOREVER home with us! Surprised us constantly with what he produced including rare “Dobie” and “Boxer” marked pups and colors of white, cream, blue, chocolate and red!   6.5" tall at the withers.
Grandsire to Kiss Me "Kringle". 
Great Grandsire to Bridget & Bellatini. And Bridget's littermate Buttercup in Chicago.
Teeny Tiny “TidBit”
So missed!!!!!  Retired to Texas.  Another Kona Kei boy. We are adopting one of his sons soon;  already a proven stud,  to bring this look back to our program & have 2 working studs in the house:)

Ambrosia Kiss Me "Kringle"
Our prized 6lb ravishing RED Stud !
Sired by our beloved Tucker!  (Bosco X Em-I-Cute) 
Dam: Kona "Cocoa" Muffin!! (Kona Kei X Sugar Rush)
Nephew of Oh Henry!
So, in other words... we think he's the BEST there is anywhere in USA!  

RIP..."Tucker "Up for a Kiss
Teacup Imperial at 4lbs…Bosco’s gorgeous son moved us into the 2nd generation of our program.  Lil’ Tuck …a fine combination of Tiny Toi and other impressive long standing Imperial lines. Produced our  3rd generation star…Kringle!
Sadly, he was accidently killed by a nip to the head by a large dog.  Devastating!
He can never be replaced! HUGE loss to our breeding program!!!! He only produced one litter.
Thank Goodness we have his son Kringle!
"Oh Henry!"
Our stunning deep, dark chocolate Imperial  produced at Show Tyme!  Absolutely gorgeous guy!  Mesmerizing eyes and quiet-as-a-mouse, sweet demeanor courtesy of our “Sugar Rush”.  Elegant build. 8.5" tall at the withers.
 Now lives in Chicago with my Mother. He has 2 full time Shih Tzu girl friends, Buttercup & Roxie! 
Sir "Render" It All
Render was bred here at Show Tyme! We are so proud of him! He became the country's best known foundation stud for rare “dobie” markings in the miniature Shih Tzu world. Now, a lil’ super star,  famous for the strong, awe-inspiring markings similar to a Doberman or a cuddly 7lb Shih Tzu package!
Go With the Flow 
So missed!​  Retired to a Colorado lady that lost him off his leash, & he was killed by a car.  We have no offspring from our precious Mojo.  He's why we only adopt adults locally now. 
And why we recommend harnesses over collars.