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We deliver! 
It’s convenient for us to deliver to most cities in the Heartland:  Wichita, Kansas City, Tulsa, Oklahoma City and to Chicago’s western suburbs; we are often in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as well.
Ask us about providing personal delivery to you anywhere in continental USA!
Our young adults make perfect pets! Many people prefer to adopt an adult or older puppy as they are easier to train than a very young puppy. Older pups and young adults can easily understand what you are saying… and they want to please you! With love and attention they are perfectly behaved and house trained after about a week of adjustment in your home.  We would like to provide you references so you can visit with families that have adopted young adults from us that are simply thrilled with the experience. Call for their info!

Sorry, we only place adults with people that are within an easy driving distance to our home as we want to meet you in person and see you interact with your Shih Tzu before adoption takes place!  And we may want to come inspect your back yard & home environment for safety too. Our health guarantee and lifetime re-homing offer is 100% valid on every adult we place…in other words, you can return to us at anytime for any reason! 

Older puppies and young adults are also sometimes available because we have kept them back to evaluate for our program and  sometimes decide to place them within their first year. Every adult and older pup has had lots of love and attention while here and will come to you highly socialized and will be absolutely as loving as any dog you would raise on your own!!
They instantly love you…and are so excited to be the Show Tyme “star” in your home!  Ask about adopting any of our adults today!
No Refunds for any Reason.  Each buyer has a responsibility to study the contract terms carefully. Replacement puppy may be offered per terms of our contract…no exceptions.   We have one of the best guarantees in the Shih Tzu world. Please don’t consider buying if you are concerned about our no refund policy or any of our terms. Thank you.

All adults will be spayed or neutered and teeth cleaned as part of their transition to permanent, local pet homes. 

Breeders may inquire though most being placed are strictly offered as pets. We may have other options for responsible AKC (or CIDRA)  Shih Tzu or Chinese Imperial Dog breeders.  Obviously, we do not sell to Brokers, mills, pet shops.

Piper  -  Female
DOB 9/2/08  One of the smallest adults we have ever offered for adoption. She is a Mercy X Bosco girl…and looks just like her daddy! She has an easy care coat…so you can keep her long with very little effort. She’s adorable cut short too! Big brown eyes are beautiful. She is a very sweet, loving, and quiet-as-a-mouse, young girl.  8lbs.

"Scarlet" O'Hare  -  Female
DOB 1/17/06  We obtained gorgeous Scarlet from another breeder as an adult. She is lovely inside & out! Scarlet would love to be someone's special pet! She will look at you with the most adoring, big brown eyes. So much love to give! Won't you consider offering her your heart?  11lbs
Scarlet is co-owned with Holy Shih Tzu , Burleson, Texas