We deliver! 
It’s convenient for us to deliver to most cities in the Heartland:  Wichita, Kansas City, Tulsa, Oklahoma City and to Chicago’s western suburbs; we are often in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as well.
Ask us about providing personal delivery to you anywhere in continental USA! 
Sorry- No refunds for any reason. Each buyer is expected to study the contract terms carefully before purchasing and reflect on the personal responsibility of the decision to become a dog owner.  Please don’t consider buying if you are concerned about our no refund policy or any of our terms.  We reserve the right to refuse an adoption/purchase to anyone for any reason.

Summer Puppies! Now Showing!
ShowTyme Shih Tzu 2009.  All rights reserved.  

   "Dasher" is SOLD
June/July 2015
We have Puppies!! Check out our facebook page for the MOST up-to-date info!
Show Tyme Shih Tzu

Photo shown: "Comet" was renamed Cooper and moved to Rhode Island where he is pampered and loved!)

*We now only have puppies 2-3x per year as we have cut back to a very small hobby status. 
Reserve yours on our wait list!

  (est.6 lbs full grown) 
Joy is SOLD!
Gigi was SOLD. Perfect example of our famous baby doll faces!
   "Holly" is SOLD!
*Teacup Imperial est. 6lbs full grown 
Sample pics from a Christmas past...