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We deliver! 
It’s convenient for us to deliver to most cities in the Heartland:  Wichita, Kansas City, Tulsa, Oklahoma City and to Chicago’s western suburbs; we are often in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as well.
Ask us about providing personal delivery to you anywhere in continental USA! 
Wichita's First Chocolate Shih Tzu!
Jumanji, a very special 9 month old pure bred Chocolate Shih Tzu was adopted by a west Wichita, Kansas family!

Irene loves Pixie!
After Pixie completed her crate training, which was so easy, she started sleeping all night in a basket we got her with a big fluffy quilt tucked inside. In the morning she gets to climb in bed with me and we cuddle. She is such a joy...I can't imagine life without her.  She is the perfect little dog. We take her everywhere and people are just amazed ... and always want to know where I got her.  I'm proud to tell them about Show Tyme Shih Tzu & always tell them how great your dogs are. I love Pixie's chocolate and white coloring. Her markings are perfect  and  I just love her silky soft hair.  Of course, it's not really her her personality & how sweet and loving she is...that's what  won our hearts!!  My Vet even told me I have a fantastic dog. He is super impressed with her physically, plus with how calm & trusting she is. She's just the absolute best!

Ringo and his new Mommy came for a visit...we did a grooming lesson; and Ringo and his Dam, Gracie, got to play together for a few minutes.

"We'll take two!" Brother and sister pair are going home with Bill and Sharon .  Our "Blue Denim" boy and spirited "Amelia" will be missed as they are a colorful, super fun duo! Looks like they'll provide much love and entertainment where they're going...and be pampered just the way we raised them to be!!

Bellatini is a wonderful playmate for my developmentally disabled sister.  Having responsibility for Bellatini gives Judy a sense of accomplishment and pride.
~  Janet

Princess Peach
"Princess Peach" stopped by with her new Mommy, for a last puppy shot,
modeling the cutest dress!

Thank you for sending Bella's papers and your phone call. She gets lots of love at our house and fit right in with our family. Everywhere I take her we get comments on what a beautiful puppy she is. She does look like a show dog. Thank you for recommending a veterinarian, I have been very happy with them. I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a Shih Tzu. I attached a picture of Bella Rose with the kids.

~  Thanks again, Rhonda Shanahan 

Everyone loves Bellatini
First picture of Zoe in her new home, with her new toys and Christmas outfit!  Zoe is going to live like a pampered princess at a delightful Bed & Breakfast Inn!! 

Camo was weighed last week at the Vet at 5 lbs. 8oz, so growing very well!  I am attaching pictures of him for you to see or post on your website as he gets older.  We are completely in love.  He is wonderful with the kids and seems highly intelligent with a smidge of a stubborn streak (lol)!  He is spoiled by all of us and he loves every moment of the attention he gets.  ~Dawn