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Lifetime Return Policy 
We guarantee great homes for life!
If at any time, for any reason, you can no longer care for your Show Tyme Shih Tzu we will take your dog back…any age, any condition, no questions asked.  We will care for your dog and provide complimentary re-homing or provide a permanent home here.  If you have found another home for your dog, please notify us before the dog is placed there. Our lifetime return policy applies to any Tzu that we produce.  All are AKC CAR micro-chipped so we can be found, as the 2nd contact after the owner, no matter the circumstances. We are responsible for bringing these puppies into the world & strive to ensure that every single one is in a loving & safe environment at all times; and never placed in a shelter or undesirable setting for any reason. We also appreciate cooperation in helping us track the location of all of our offspring, as well as updates on their well-being and health throughout their entire life.
We deliver! 
It’s convenient for us to deliver to most cities in the Heartland:  Wichita, Kansas City, Tulsa, Oklahoma City and to Chicago’s western suburbs; we are often in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as well.
Ask us about providing personal delivery to you anywhere in continental USA! 
Our Home Page
Our Home Page
We prefer that you pick up your puppy in person or make driving arrangements to have us meet you part way. We often travel to Chicago & Dallas/Fort Worth to see family…plus Kansas City, Oklahoma City, & Tulsa are super easy drives for us to make. So ask us about hand delivering to you!

If you puppy must be flown and you cannot fly here personally, the BEST option is to use our Puppy Nanny.  The average investment is $350 or less. This choice provides for a wonderful flight nanny to escort your puppy from our hands to your hands! This way your puppy is never alone & gets to fly inside the cabin with all the people.  This prevents your puppy from getting scared and stressed…plus we can send your puppy right at 8 weeks rather than waiting longer to fly unescorted.  Also, the weather is not a factor since your lil’ Star Tzu gets to ride in the comfortably heated or air conditioned cabin.  No way your puppy will get lost between flights or in the airport, or go hungry/thirsty, or be alone at anytime without a caring & experienced human 100% responsible for your baby’s care. This option also makes it much easier for us to include food samples, original paperwork, and our other goodies to you!
Our puppies fly out of ICT; Wichita Mid-Continent
Out of the airlines below, American, Delta, United, and Northwest fly pets out of Wichita unescorted.  We will deliver your puppy to the airport in an approved airline kennel with all the required paperwork from our Vet to meet airline guidelines. The average cost for this option is $250 & often less. This is the least desirable option as it is the most stressful for your puppy and we do not like to send our little star babies unescorted if this can be avoided.  We reserve the right to refuse this option at any time for any reason. We will determine, along with our Vet, at what age your pup can fly; and what weather is acceptable to us beyond the airline requirements on temperatures.
If you fly here to pick up your puppy, you may also choose from these other airlines: Allegiant, Continental, Frontier, and US Air.  We will meet you at the airport & hand over your puppy to fly home with you. Or you can rent a car and come here to our home to pick up your puppy and then drive the rental home or fly back. There are many options for getting your puppy!
Airlines that Ship Pets
•  Alaskan Airlines
   Cargo Customer Service Center: 1-800-225-2752 
•  Air Canada 
•  American Airlines 
•  Continental Airlines
•  Delta Pet First
    Air Logistics professional at 800-DL-CARGO 
•  Northwest Airlines
    1-800-NWCARGO (1-800-692-2746) 
•  United Airlines
   United Cargo at 800-UA-CARGO 

Sorry- No refunds for any reason. Each buyer is expected to study the contract terms carefully before purchasing and reflect on the personal responsibility of the decision to become a dog owner.  Please don’t consider buying if you are concerned about our no refund policy or any of our terms.  We reserve the right to refuse an adoption/purchase to anyone for any reason.